Shape Up for the Holidays

It seems that it's about this time of year when everyone begins to complain about all the yummy holiday foods and how it may be affecting their waist line and how this years New Year Resolution is going to be lose a few pounds....blah, blah, blah. Why should we stress about ourselves during the holidays? We have enough other things to stress about such as buying gifts for others, volunteering our time, and spreading Holiday Cheer. All these fabulous new inventions such as Spanx and Slim Me by MeMoi, were created with you in mind. They are here to ease your mind and give you the confidence you need to make sure you are looking fantastic at all your holiday parties this season (and next). Of course they are ready and available, here at Hemline, for you to take home to give yourself one less thing to worry about and more time to enjoy this short wonderful season.

Black High Waisted leggings (Slimming Secrets inside)

Slimming cami so no top is ever too tight!

Cool slimming Bandeau, that actually supports!


Tis The Season for Sales!

Tis that time of year when carols are being played, your favorite foods are being made, the temperature is dropping and new winter coast are being purchased. What better place to buy your winter coat this season but at here at Hemline? Starting tomorrow Wednesday Nov. 24-Sunday Nov. 28 many of our coats and sweaters are going to be a whopping 40% off, yes that is unheard of and you better take advantage before the cold hits and the coats are picked over and you are left shivering in last years frocks. Our select brands include, Free People, Va-Va, Ark & Co., and Judith March to name a few. On top of the four day coat sale we have fallen into the Black Friday trap and are offering Buy One Get One Half Off!! Think of how thankful your husbands and parents will be when you purchase that dynamite cocktail dress for New Years and then get the matching shoes and bags for half off, talk about a deal! Please come visit us for a fun, fashion filled, holiday cheer weekend!


Sparkle and Shine your way through the Season

Now that you have purchased your bag to carry you through this season, it is time to splurge and accessorized your outfits with a little sparkle and shine. We just received several fun styles of Deux Lux, ranging from hobos with jeweled buckles to clutches with rhinestones and bows to bedazzled wallets. Sparkles are what's going to keep your dark winter wardrobes lively this season. Everyone should invest in a "fun" piece of glitter and glam because it is such a simple and affordable way to brighten your wardrobe!

Here is a gorgeous, sparkling clutch that can be yours
to spruce up your favorite pair of jeans!

How cute is this wrist clutch? Perfect to throw all your
necessities in for your holiday parties and cocktails.

Everyone needs a Hobo bag to throw your "life" in,
why not do it in style?!


Carry it Through the Season

No lady can have too many bags or shoes to choose from. The fantastic thing about a bag is that you can carry it through an entire season and often times even longer before feeling the urge to purchase a new one. However, some of us who have a bag fetish, like myself, feel the need and urge to buy multiple bags to carry throughout the season. Lucky for me, here at Hemline we received a great line of affordable bags by Navoh and Nila Anthony last week! Now I can purchase a bag, or two, without the guilty feeling of spending more than I make, which we are all probably guilty of doing a time or two. I also feel relieved to finally be able to buy a couple trendy or funky bags and not talk myself out of it because it's not "versatile" enough. These bags are great accessories to any outfit, dress them up, wear them every day and most of all carry it proudly through this season, because you deserve it and they look good on you!

Here are a few of our bags:

Studded Green Navoh Tote, Trendy!

Fabulous Faux Fur Sling Bag by Nila Anthony

Perfect Clutch or Handbag by Navoh, both practical and fun!

Fantastic Fringe, by Nila Anthony.


Some of Our Favorites.....

Football season is here, so that means we will have cooler the meantime, it's always good to stock up on your fall wardrobe. If you see it and like it, go ahead and buy it - that way you will already have it in your closet, so when the first chill hits and you are running to the closet and thinking "It's cold, what do I wear!!", and lo and behold, there are your sweaters, boots, leggings and cargos all waiting for you to slip on and out the door you go chic as ever.

Here are some of our favorite looks for fall....

In case you haven't heard......faux fur is HUGE for fall!
We heart this faux chinchilla jacket by Dolce Vita

Another trend to jump on is the military look.....this jacket is a great way to wear it without looking like you stepped off the battlefield!

I'm slightly obsessed with this new comfy jacket by Knitted Dove.
Pair it with skinnies or leggings and boots because it is so full.
It looks cute buttoned all the way up or just hanging open.
It's going to be my go to piece this winter!

Ponchos are back! In every way, shape and form.
We have several to choose from, including this cute crochet piece from VaVa.

You can wear this Myne velvet champagne tank now with jeans and heels,
then take it into cooler weather with an edgy jacket and boots.
Great for a night out on the town!

A distressed denim jacket makes this 12th St by Cynthia Vincent sweet pink corset dress a little edgier.
Put some black tights and booties with it and you are set!